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Secret Doctrine

Jan 19, 1996 08:37 PM
by Dr.A.M.Bain

To my own amazement, another section of _The Secret Doctrine_ has found
its way from me to theos-roots.  This is the section called INTRODUCTORY
by H.P.B. It has been uploaded as SDB1.TXT and SDB2.TXT in order to keep
each part below the 64K limit that some gateways suffer from.

It is unlikely that the text I have uploaded will coincide exactly with
anyone's printed copies - especially the later ones.  From the text as
supplied by Eldon, it is clearly based on the original 1st edition,
which I do not have.  The differences however from his and my 1895
revised edition are likely to be small.

Other notes are to be found at the start of SDB1.TXT

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