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Secret Doctrine Upload

Jan 20, 1996 07:46 PM
by Dr.A.M.Bain


In the uploads from ~The Secret Doctrine~ which will appear here
on the list from time to time, various conventions will be
observed, and this information file will preface each upload,
amended as necessary.

The first convention needed is the use of the underscore key
[_] each side of a word or words in order to indicate italics
in the original, including book titles. Where parentheses are seen
["] they appears as such in the original text.  Thus the word
_upload_ here typed represents that word in italics, whereas
the word "upload" is how it is printed in the original.

I originally intended consult the Gutenburg guidelines for the
best means to accurately but simply represent the many and
varied accents and foreign words that appear in H.P.B.'s
monumental work, but as these are so numerous and varied, I
have rendered all accents as the simple and obvious nearest English
English character, thus any form of the letters a.e.i.o.u. will appear
as a.e.i.o.u.

In the text of the SD are numerous footnotes, often including Greek
and Hebrew words as well as Sanskrit etc.  These notes are incorporated
into the text in this e-text version at the place where a footnote is
indicated in the original.  Such footnotes are identified as such by
being enclosed within curly brackets - {}.  Greek words are
transliterated as nearly as possible into their phonetic English
equivalents, thus "theta" becomes "th" and both _omicron_ and _omega_
become "o".  Conventions for Hebrew vary, and I am deferring a decision
on which to use until I actually come across some. :-).

Readers with some knowledge of these languages will have little
difficulty indentifying original words, and those with no such knowledge
will probably not be overly concerned - if they are serious enough in
their studies, they may, perhaps, take up these languages to a degree
sufficient for esoteric study to be rendered simpler to comprehend.

This may not make for technical or academic accuracy, but the sense
of the text is little, if in any way affected, and students want a
text they can consult quickly and easily.  E-texts have the great
advantage of providing a readily *searchable* version of a work, but
they are by no means the best way of reading one.  There are no page
numbers in this version, as there have been so many different editions
of the SD, and the pagination is different in nearly all of them.

My SD vol. 1 has 740 numbered pages.  To put it simply, I would be
hard pressed to snuggle up by the fire for a good read with my PC
and all its connected bits and pieces.

Sooner or later, if we really care enough, and if we want to know
strongly enough, we will get the printed version. And, I have found
in these matters, when the pupil is ready, the book appears - along
with the cash to buy it .......

Alan Bain. January, 1996.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents





Seven Stanzas Translated from the Book of Dzyan

STANZA I. The Night of the Universe
STANZA II. The Idea of Differentiation
STANZA III. The Awakening of Kosmos
STANZA IV. The Septenary Hierarchies
STANZA V. Fohat: The Child of the Septenary Hierarchies
STANZA VI. Our World, its Growth and Development

Theosophical Misconceptions

Explanations Concerning the Globes and the Monads

STANZA VI. Our World, its Growth and Development - Continued
STANZA VII. The Parents of Man on Earth

Summing Up



I. Symbolism and Ideographs
II. The Mystery Language and its Keys
III. Primordial Substance and Divine Thought
IV. Chaos:Theos:Kosmos
V. The Hidden Deity, its Symbols and Glyphs
VI. The Mundane Egg
VII. The Days and Nights of Brahma
VIII. The Lotus as a Universal Symbol
IX. Deus Lunus (The Moon; Phoebe)
X. Tree and Serpent and Crocodile Worship
XI. Demon est Deus Inversus
XII. The Theogony of the Creative Gods
XIII. The Seven Creations
XIV. The Four Elements
XV. On Kwan-Shi-Yin and Kwan-Yin


I. Reasons for these Addenda
II. Modern Physicists are Playing at Blind Man's Buff
III. An Lumen Sit Corpus nec non?
IV. Is Gravitation a Law?
V. The Theories of Rotation in Science
VI. The Masks of Science
VII. An Attack on the Scientific Theory of Force By A Man of Science.
VIII. Life, Force, or Gravity?
IX. The Solar Theory
X. The Coming Force
XI. On the Elements and Atoms
XII. Ancient Thought in Modern Dress
XIII. The Modern Nebular Theory
XIV. Forces: Modes of Motion or Intelligences?
XV. Gods, Monads, and Atoms
XVI. Cyclic Evolution and Karma
XVII. The Zodiac and its Antiquity
XVIII. Summary of the Mutual Position

Uploaded by Alan
Member, Theosophy International.
Member, Human Race.

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