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Re: TI membership listing

Jan 18, 1996 10:49 AM
by Bee Brown

>Greetings, fellow mortals!
>I am proposing to add the e-mail address of all TI members to the
>"Official" membership list, as these are all readily available from mail
>headers on theos-l, and by reviewing the theos list subscribers through
>the listserver.
>If, by some quaint foible, you don't want this to happen to your own
>entry, please let me know before Feb 1st, when I shall start a monthly
>update posting to theos-buds.  If you would like other info added
>(including propaganda for your own local activities) the same applies!
>Love and kisses,
>Member, Theosophy International.
>Member, Human Race.
>Private e-mail:
Hey, great news. NZ has its very own theos-nz list. Just got the msg this
morning. It was arranged at the Convention and John Vosterman has organised
it. Probably only a handful on it yet but oaktrees grow from small acorns.>
Bee Brown
Member Theosophy International

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