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Freedom of Thought and Freedom of the Society

Jan 13, 1996 11:28 AM
by MK Ramadoss

I am posting the official statements of TS regarding the Freedom of Thought
and Freedom of the Society relating to TS, Adyar. This will be very helpful
to the newbees as well as a source of reference to long time members to
remind ourself relative to the policies of TS, Adyar on these two important


                 The Theosophical Society
                    Freedom of Thought

       Resolution passed by the General Council of the
                   Theosophical Society

   As the Theosophical Society has spread far and wide over the civilized world, and as members of all religions have become members of it without surrendering the special dogmas, teachings and beliefs of their respective faiths, it is thought desirable to emphasize the fact that there is no doctrine, no opinion, by whomsoever taught or held, that is in any way binding on any member of the Society, none of which any member is not free to accept or reject. Approval of its three Objects is the sole condition of membership. No teacher or writer, from H. P. Blavatsky downwards, has any authority to impose his teachings or opinions on members. Every member has an equal right to attach himself to any teacher or to any school of thought which he may choose, but has no right to force his choice on any other. Neither a candidate for any office, nor any voter, can be rendered ineligible to stand or to vote, because of any opinion he may hold, or because membership in any school of thoug!
ht t
o which he may belong. Opinions or beliefs neither bestow privileges nor inflict penalties. The members of the General Council earnestly request every member of the Theosophical Society to maintain, defend and act upon these fundamental principles of the Society, and also fearlessly to exercise his own right of liberty of thought and of expression thereof, within the limits of courtesy and consideration for others.

            Freedom of the Society

Resolution passed by the General Council of the Theosophical
         Society on 30 December 1950.

   The Theosophical Society, while co-operating with all other bodies whose aims and activities make such cooperation possible, is and must remain an organization entirely independent of them, not committed to any objects save its own, and intent on developing its own work on the broadest and most inclusive lines, so as to move towards its own goal as indicated in and by the pursuit of those objects and that Divine Wisdom which in the abstract is implicit in the title, The Theosophical Society.

   Since Universal Brotherhood and the Wisdom are undefined and unlimited, and since there is complete freedom for each and every member of the Society in thought and action, the Society seeks ever to maintain its own distinctive and unique character by remaining free of affiliation or identification with any other organization.

(Both the above are copied from The Theosophist - July 1975)


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