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Re: 1900 letter

Jan 11, 1996 10:51 AM
by Paul Gillingwater

At 12:06 11/01/96 -0500, you wrote:

>I have been trying to remember where I got it!  I am pretty sure I
>downloaded it from somewhere, but some time ago now.  The margin format
>is not mine, which is how I know.  Let's hope someone else can answer
>this - JHE?

It first surfaces in a Canadian magzine (perhaps the section magazine),
then was republished in the Theosophy History journal.  It was published
in one of Jinarajadasa's books "Letters from the Masters of Wisdom" I
think, but am not sure, with certain passages relating to the E.S.
and Annie Besant removed by C.J. at the time.  The Canadian publication
was AFAIK, the first time it appeared in full.

I believe some kind person on the APC Theosophy conference typed it in
around 5 years ago, and it has circulated ever since.

Paul Gillingwater

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