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Re: Acceptance and Resistance

Nov 28, 1995 03:03 PM
by eldon


>I didn't accept everything JRC said he experienced & he just told me
>I'm A ok. So that shoots your theory Eldon. He didn't look for
>others to just go along with what he said & believed.

It's good that the two of you like each other. I don't hold any hard
feelings towards him myself althought I seem to be the one to end up
in confrontations with him the most. It's because we both have a strong
interest in promoting certain ideas and the ideas can be radically
different at times.

One major problem is somethat that we all face. How do we continue in
open communication with others that think we're wrong and aren't
easily brought over to accept our point of view? Can we continue to
promote our ideas trying to get more lucid in our words or do we
get angry blow up and eventually give up?

Some of our more interesting discussions involve people of quite
different points of view as they attempt to go over things. It can
be a learning experience. Various of us have discussed such topics
as karma psychic versus spiritual the globes and planes the need
for reform in theosophical groups the historic nature of the Mahatmas
and chelaship.

While it's nice that JRC thinks that you're "A ok" even though you
may disagree with him that's not really the issue. What's important
here is that when we're talking about matters of philosophy that we
all keep an open mind and allow for an open discussion of all the
ideas brought before us. It's important to not become so personally
identified with any particular idea that one becomes angry and offended
when it's disagreed with or thought to be wrong by others.

In all due respect if Daniel H. wants to interpret his experiences
in a Fundamentalist theoretical framework and JRC in what might be
called a Neo-Spiritualist framework that's fine. And I or others can
be respectful of the experience and still discuss it in terms of the
traditional theosophical ideas. If Daniel H. only wants to hear
Fundamentalist ideas he should probably not be reading theos-l.
JRC though has told us that he's familiar with all the theosophical
ideas and should find nothing suprising in what might be said.

-- Eldon

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