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Cayce and Theosophists

Nov 28, 1995 03:18 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Just discovered an interesting tidbit. The standard
explanation of Cayce's discovery of reincarnation astrology
etc. is that he was a totally naive Christian who never did
anything with the readings except medical diagnosis and
prescription-- until 1923 when he met Arthur Lammers. Lammers
asked him questions that elicited details about reincarnation
etc. and Cayce was shocked by this stuff.


The Birmingham Age-Herald of 192210 reported:
Edgar Cayce to Speak to Local Theosophists
The Birmingham Theosophical Society invites the public to
attend a lecture on evening Nov 03 at 08 o'clock at
headquarters fifth floor Cable Hall Building when Edgar
Cayce psychic and mystic will address the society and its
friends. two paras follow

In an interview the same month with the same publication Cayce
responded to a question about spiritualism:
"No; I do not believe in spiritualism but I do believe in
spirituality" declared Mr. Cayce. "What those who say they
communicate with the dead must mean is that they communicate
with impressions left by the dead here. They talk to the
personality of the dead; in other words the personality which
is left to us here just as the individuality goes into the
other world."...

Looks like good leads for inquiry. There's clearly some
Theosophical influence at work that has not been acknowledged
in previous books.
Source: Edgar Cayce's Photographic Legacy by David Leary

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