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Nov 24, 1995 05:25 PM
by guru

Greetings fellow theosophers or -ists!

So far we have 06 of us signed up for THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL.

That's twice as many as started the T.S. in N.Y. in 1875!

Eldon has asked in effect "why bother" - the answer is simple:
to restate the original objects in today's terms and
perspectives and to reach out into cyberspace and real-time
space to "the folks out there."

My sig now has "Member Theosophy International" added.
Wherever I send e-mail this message goes with it. Someone is
going to ask "What' that?" and I will try to reply!

Soon I will begin to state the identical message to theosophists
in and around my own Lodge. When some sign up you'll all know
about it.

So - why not add the same tag to your own sig?

In peace and smiles

Member Theosophy International
Please send E-mail to:

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