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Re: Phists vs. Phers

Nov 23, 1995 04:07 PM
by eldon

Jerry S:

>> [The quote regarding a T.S. being like a study-hall at school
>> is here.]

>But JRC had a good point when he said that this is a major reason
>for losing so many good TS members a short list of the most famous
>has already been posted.

But rejection of the books and teachings is not proof of a
personal experience. And paranormal experiences are not necessarily
a sign of budding spirituality. I agree there is a lack of teaching
applied spirituality in T.S. groups. The groups tend to limit
themselves to a superficial study of the books and sometimes not
evey to that! They often become social clubs not much different
or better than hundreds of others found in any city.

JRC may be saying "don't waste your time there follow me I've
found gold over on this hillside". I might say "there *is* gold
here but suit yourself go where you prefer to mine it." I'm
not in support of the shortcomings of theosophical groups but
I am in support of what can genuinely be found in the theosophical
philosophy and the value that it can bring to the lives of people!

>There is a fear almost a paranoia about personal experience
>within the theosophical community probably going all the way
>back to CWL.

Not of "personal experiences of the spiritual" just of psychical
experiences and particularly of the cultivation of the psychical
and the practice of the occult arts. The idea is to leave all
that to other groups with gurus qualified to teach and oversee
such practices among their followers.

> ... many theosophists find appalling simply because these folks
>dare to present information that HPB never wrote about.

There are *many* sources of information. They don't have to
necessary come from a vision from someone in trance or from
someone's lucid dream. We certainly should be free to enhance
and go beyond the fragements of occult truth given us by the
Masters. But we must also carefully consider the source of
such information. In the final analysis for our own use we
must use our own best judgement as to what is true and useful
in our lives. This is different though from what we may choose
to teach others which requires a higher standard of provability
and demonstrated usefulness to others.

-- Eldon

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