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Re: parochial schools

Nov 23, 1995 01:49 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 035500 PM 11/23/95 -0500 Ann wrote:
>> I guess blind indoctrination is what is generally accepted as you do
>>not have to think. Just believe. Thinking takes time and energy.
>Yes and many religous structures do not condone individual thinking. It is
>considered hazardous especially if all the members came to different
>conclusions about various spiritual and practical aspects of life. That's what
>got the gnostics into trouble. Thinking against the accepted norm can be
>dangerous to your salvation . . . and your physical form.
> > Some months ago one of the 08 yr old child of one of my co-workers
>>started questioning the what was told at their church about what happens to
>>everone after death. To the little boy who was obviously using his logic
>>it did not make sense. So I told the boy's mother to let me speak to the
>>child for about 1/2 hour and told her I could give a possible hypothesis
>>based on Theosophy. I told her no one can be certain as what we all have
>>is not first hand knowledge. The mother was frightened that if her child
>>spoke with me he might end up completely rejecting what the parents and the
>>church wanted him to believe. I never had a chance to talk to the child.
>As children we are pretty much "owned" by our parents and there is little that
>can be done about it. It is only when we are past twenty-one and able to
>financially support our own chosen lifestyle that we can be free to think and
>believe what we wish. Since the child you mentioned is so interested in life
>after death at an early age maybe he will explore it later when he is
older and
>freer to come to his own conclusions and do his own research.
>- ann


You are right. The parents of child mentioned above are very good
and honest people and are not of the rigid "fundamentalist" type and hence I
am confident that when the child grows up he is going to explore for
himself as to what is out there. Actually the husband's family are Roman
Catholic and the wife is Baptist or Methodist. The family goes to a
Methodist church. I inquired of the mother how they chose the particular
church I was told that they liked the pastor and his style. So they are
open minded to a degree. I am optimistic.


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