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Re: Theosophy International

Nov 21, 1995 02:30 PM
by eldon

Alan B:

>THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL comprises those who subscribe to the the
>three objects of the TS but in a more up to date form based on
>suggestions by John Mead J.Crocker and others of the internet
>community and expressed thus:

You don't need to say "more up to date form". Whatever objects
are arrived at should simply stand on their own merits and not
have to claim that they are better than what has appeared before.

Also "based on the suggestions by John Mead J. Crocker and others
of the internet community" makes it a personalized thing. I don't
think your intent is to call it the Crocker & Mead T.S.

.. At this point appears a slightly-reworded version of the
three objects of the T.S. ...

>THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL is simply a Theosophical Network
>whereby it is sufficient to declare one's sympathy and/or
>allegiance to the three objects and to be registered as having
>done so. No belief system is required *nor assumed to be held*
>by any member.

As it is described above TI is basically a T.S. without any
theosophical doctrines. Any belief goes. The agenda follows
that of the Adyar T.S. Let's contrast that with the approach
taken by the Theosophical Network. The Statement of Purpose
published in the Spring 1985 "Theosophical Network Newsletter"

The purpose of the Theosophical Network is to disseminate
information about Theosophy and theosophical activities and
to facilitate intercommunication between people who share a
common interest in Theosophy.

The goals of the Theosophical Network are a to enhance
communication and encourage interrelating of ideas within
the Theosophical Movement and b to encourage initiative
and cooperation in similar projects and research.

To further these goals the Theosophical Network will a
publish a quarterly newsletter b publish an annual
directory and c provide a computer information service.

While working cooperatively within the Movement the
Theosophical Network is independent and unaffiliated
with any Theosophical or other organization.

The emphasis here is a sharing of a common interest in Theosophy
not in an organization with a stated agenda like promoting
brotherhood the study of comparative religion and the study of
the occult or hidden side of life. The agendas are left up to
the individuals and not part of the Network itself.

>There are fees no subscriptions although voluntary
>donations and/or contributions *could* be made to specific
>projects or even individuals for particular and specified

This part is fine.

>As THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL does not have and does not
>need rules whether anyone participates in or supports any such
>activity is an entirely personal matter.

If it doesn't need rules why the same three objects as the T.S.?
Why not take a broader approach like that taken by the Theosophical

-- Eldon

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