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another quote

Nov 15, 1995 08:40 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Meant to put on this continuation of my favorite passage from "The
Voice..." the other day. Forgot p. 228 ff Talks on the Path of

<<If sun thou canst not be then be the humble planet. Aye if thou
art debarred from flaming like the noon-day sun upon the snow-capped
mount of purity eternal then choose O neophyte a humbler course.

<< Point out the way - however dimly & lost among the host - as does
the evening star to those who tread their path in darkness.

<<Behold Migmar as in his crimson veils his eye sweeps over
slumbering Earth. Behold the fiery aura of the hand of Lhagpa
extended in protecting love over the head of his ascetics. Both are
now servants to Nyima left in his absence silent watcher in the
night. Yet both in Kalpas past were bright Nyimas and may in future
days again become two suns. Such are the falls and rises of the
karmic law in nature.

<<Be O Lanoo like them. Give light & comfort to the toiling
pilgrim & seek out him who knows still less than thou; who in his
wretched desolation sits starving for the bread of wisdom and the
bread which feeds the shadow without a Teacher hope or
consolation and let him hear the Law.>>

<In a footnote HPB says:>

<<Nyima the sun in Tibetan astrology. Migmar or Mars is symbolised
by an eye and Lhagpa or Mercury by a hand.>>

<There are here several points of interesting analogy. The 02
planets mentioned give their light at night when the sun is out of
sight & all is dark. It is so with us. We have to help those who are
in greater darkness than ourselves; There is no one who cannot
find someone more ignorant than himself whom he may teach. Even if
those around us are not ready to enter the Path we can lead them
in the right direction towards it.

<At the time of the transference of life from the moon to the earth
the planets glowed & shone like small suns. But Mars is mainly a
desert now and that is why he reflects the yellow or reddish
lights. From the standpoint of the poetic author of these verses
they are doing their best work in giving light to man now. The
idea illustrates the fact that we are not necessarily doing our
best work when we shine the most. Alsowhen a building has to be erected
the foundations must be put
in first. They do not count for anything in the matter of
appearance being hidden out of sight but on them the building will
be erected. So in the common work of every day the candidate is
performing useful service to society and at the same time
developing the higher siddhis which are the spiritual powers of the

This is from p 237 unrelated but noteworthy I think:

CWL is talking about what it takes to become an Arhat:

<It is only by going though the greatest trials by descending into
the very depth of darkness that the qualitites required in the
candidate for this initiation may be attained. The holy flower opens
and blooms in that darkness yet it comes as a result of
development on the buddhic plane.>

<< = HPB
< = CWL

Hope you find this useful.

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