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Nov 14, 1995 07:46 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> Paul writes
> "First let
> me say that HPB doesn't use the word Master or Mahatma but
> calls the Sengchen the "Chohan Lama of Shigatse." Which is
> enough for me."
> Why is that enough for you?

Because I have only seen the word used by HPB and she uses it
to mean "Chief" exclusively in terms of a chief Theosophical
Master; e.g. the Chohan the Mahachohan.

Do you know what "Chohan" means? Do you know
> what language it is?

No do you? As for meaning I only know how HPB uses it.

Why does Chohan = Master of Wisdom in the Theosophical
> sense?

1. HPB insists that her Masters' lodge is affiliated somehow
not just with Gelugpa Buddhism but with Tashilhunpo and the
Shigatse area in particular.
2. HPB calls her correspondent who as far as I can tell can
only be the Sengchen for reasons cited elsewhere the Chohan
Lama of Shigatse and refers to him as a high authority in
Tibetan Buddhism.
3. Whenever HPB uses Chohan or Mahachohan elsewhere she is
talking about her own Masters.

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