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To Eldon and Masochists

Nov 13, 1995 00:57 AM
by Jerry Schueler

> Shit like "bad" karma may be found everywhere and in many
>disguises; however perhaps it is not really necessary to think that it
>"belongs" to you--no matter who killed whom 20000 years ago.

This is what I have called the Chaos Factor.

>... But on the other hand it would ease our burden of having to seek out and
>interact with every unperfected "soul-bundle" we have encountered in past
>lives in order to consumate some sort of karmic zero-sum game

I don't believe that we need to do this. I believe that past karma
can be consumed in a specific stage of samadhi. This stage corresponds
to the 6th Aethyr Maz in Enochian Magic but is not defined so specifically
in Eastern texts. It has to do with an indepth perception of non-duality. To
physically/mentally "undo" all that we have karmically generated to date
would probably take forever because every such action would automatically
generate new karma.

Jerry S.

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