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Re: Dribble box

Nov 10, 1995 10:45 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch


If more people watch less of the garbage I think it'd have an
impact on the TV industry exactly because money talks. They bring
what sells which is what you were saying.

Dunno whether I mentioned it in my post but TV-Off is
going to be a national event in Apr. That should have an impact.
They're doing it during a week when our schools are on vacation &
since most of our mothers work & can't be with the kids that much
during the day
we're not having our TV-Off when the others are having it. We'd
never get
anyone to participate. Besides National says to involve the
politicians the newspaper & etc. Ours is going to be much smaller
for the first one. If it goes over well we'll expand next year.

I wonder whether TV in New Zealand is as commericalized as ours. I
was watching just now while I had my breakfast especially for the
commercials geared to kids. Disgusting! I turned to the news. That
was full of reports of genocide in the former Yougoslavia. Maybe it's
preferable to watch kids promote cereal with a lot of the
natural nutrients taken out & artifical stuff "additives" put back in.
That's only misdusing your body not torturing & killing it.

Your week-end is half over. Enjoy the rest of it. I've rented a car
& today will go to the art supply store & also get some slacks.



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