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Re: on pets

Nov 09, 1995 10:57 PM
by bbrown

>I get on fine with my cat just so long as I do as I'm told.
>I append a short verse of mine written in 1965 with apologies
>to the ultra-sensitive:
>A pupil of Madame Blavtasky
>Encountered a cat with a ratsky;
>She said "Find another
>For that is your mother
>>From the last life but one before thatsky."
><sheepish grin>
>Please send E-mail to:
I know that is so said the ratsky
And told this cat it was risky.
I wasn't a good mother
Got my son into bother.
This is my Karma he's come to fulfillsky.

Thanks for the laugh it really tickled my funnybone. I nearly parted
company with my chair.
Regards Bee.>

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