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Re: Dribble box

Nov 09, 1995 10:17 PM
by bbrown

>Re watching TV
>My group at the local Library is just beginning to organize an event
>for next Mar which is to be nationwide in Apr but March fits
>our schedule better called TV -Off. We will contact families who
>use the library scouting families & schools in our neighborhood to
>participate in pledging not to look at TV for the 04 Thursdays in
>Mar & do something else instead.
>The literature we got from National TV - Off goes along with your
>point of view Aki.
>It says that TV can be addictive.
>It states that some persons turn on the TV to make them feel better
>& that TV does this for the moment but then makes you feel worse.
>It says that TV impairs your imagination kids' social graces
>reading abilities & attention spans.
>Diversions during which one uses one's physical or intellectual
>energy is much more satisfying than watching TV.
>The mores kids learn from TV are horrendous.
>American TV ads try to sell us something for every problem under
>the sun. Advertisers aim more & more at children but with improbable
>things like hotels & airlines. It seems children have a great deal of
>potential influence over their parents' shopping habits.
>I myself watch TV - the news & C-span which brings such things as our
>Congress' Committee Meetings talks by notables of interest
>Interesting press conferences & etc.
>We also have 01 station that brings concerts & ballet. I watch that
>sometimes. We also have a local station which I look in on that discusses
matters of
>interest to our town. Late at night when I want to relax & have a
>laugh before I turn in I watch reruns of the old sitcoms. That to
>me is constructive TV watching. The rest of it belongs into the
>nearest garbage dump.
I remember reading a book called The Plug-in Drug a few years ago. Even then
it was saying the same thing. I wonder if the TV bosses give a toss what is
happening to the populace. Money talks louder.

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