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Nov 09, 1995 09:55 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>Jerry HE
>You spoke about *The Truth*. Glad to see you think after all
> that there are different kinds.


I'm glad that you are glad that I think that there are
different kinds.
As for using the phrase speaking "the truth" about someone;
have you never said to someone who might be questioning your
veracity: "I'm telling the truth"? Have you ever served as a
witness in a trial? If so then you will know that the Bailiff
will have you raise your right hand and say: "I swear to tell
*the truth* *the whole truth* and nothing but *the truth*." The
court is not asking you to only speak when you can utter Absolute
Truth. It is only asking you to speak what you know to be true
based upon your experience and observations. When Mead or Godwin
speak "the truth" about CWL that is all that they are doing and
all that they can do--and I submit that is all you can do
either. To repeat myself again there is no reason to get into
metaphysics here.

Jerry HE

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