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Re: Regarding pets

Nov 08, 1995 07:51 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>My thinking is that pets provide a partial substitute for the
>absence of human friendship and loving relationships but they
>just can't completely take the place of another human being.

Perhaps this is your experience but as for myself I'd rather be with one of my
four felines than some people I have known including some blood relatives.
Some people are poison to be around.

>>Besides psychological studies prove that petting animals reduces
>>stress and adds to our longevity.

>That's true. But it falls short of a relationship with another
>human where an equal amoung of love and time is invested.

So true. I'd much rather have a male human petting me and reducing my stress
than have to stroke a dog or cat. : -

<snip> An animal is more likely
>to live a stimulating existence and to achieve future evolution in
>a natural setting than in a city part or human's home.

Since I've lived in my current neighborhood we've had a cat living wild on our
block. He had owners but they never had him neutered or gave him shots. When
they moved away about a year ago he came back to his old territory and lived on
the streets and yards getting handouts. As he was a mottled brown I named him

Last week the man that rents my garage told me he found Bosco dead in his front
yard under a bush in the rain. He lived a short but very stimulating

>Gospel in the dead letter or in the living idea the mystery
>teaching that the words attempt to express?

Yes. Just as dead as poor Bosco.

- ann

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