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more from "Talks on the Path ..."

Nov 08, 1995 04:19 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

This is one of my favorite passages from "The Voice" because for 01
thing it says
that no matter how far along you are on the Path you can always take
what you know to help
& teach others. It's a long passage so I'll probalby send it in 02 parts:

<It is not quite true that the Nirmanakaya gives up bliss for
Adeptship is itself the attainment of bliss.What is true is that the
Adept could remain always on the stupendous levels which he has
reached but instead he comes down to help. By doing that however he
does not forego the eternal bliss which is inherent in him; He merely
decides to work at lower levels.>

<< Yet if the doctrine of the heart is too high-winged for thee if
thou needs help thyself and fearest to offer help to others - then
thou of timid heart be warned in time: remain content with the eye
doctrine of the Law. Hope still. For if the secret Path is
unattainable this day it is within thy reach tomorrow. Learn that no
effort not the smallest - whether in right or wrong direction -
can vanish from the world of causes. E'en wasted smoke remains not
traceless. "a harsh word uttered in past lives is not destroyed but
ever comes again." the pepper plant will not give birth to roses
not the sweet jessamine's silver star to thorn or thistle turn.

<< Thou canst create this day thy chances for thy morrow. In the
great journey causes sown each hour bear each its harvest of
effect for rigid justice rules the world. With mighty sweep of
never-erring action it bring to mortal lives of weal & woe the
karmic progeny of all our former thoughts & deeds.

<< Take then as much as merit hath in store for thee O thou of
patient heart. Be of good cheer and rest content with fate. Such is
thy Karma of the cycle of thy births the destiny of those who
in their pain & sorrow are born along with thee rejoice & weep
from life to life chained to thy previous actions. >>

< If one cannot rise immediately to the resolve to be utterly
unselfish there is no need to despair. One must work on in the
right direction until one reaches the position where that ideal will
seem perfectly natural and comparatively easy of accomplishment.
Sometimes people feel that because they cannot fulfill a great ideal
that is put before them there is nothing that they can do which is
worth doing. They collapse and do nothing at all in consequence.
But that is a great mistake. The Lord Buddha was very wise in dealing
with all kinds of people and he took care to avoid this kind of
discouragement by speaking of the highest path to his monks alone.
He preached the middle path to the general public and told them to
live the highest & noblest life of which they were capable so that
lateron they would be in a position to enter his Order.
<He said that they were today creating opportunities for tomorrow that
is for their next incarnation. There is no need to despair for the
man who takes one oppportunity receives tenfold more opportunities
and he who uses what powers he has as fully as possible without
overstraining himself certainly develops those powers at a
surprising rate.

< The last paragraph makes reference to those who are born together.
It is fact that people evolve in groups the same people coming
clsely together in different relationships again & again. What
happens to one in any such group reacts very much upon the others for
both good & ill. It should be an additional incentive to those who
are aspiring to realize that whatever they are able to attain will
be of great benefit to a number of people whose destinies are thus
bound up closely with their own.>

<< = The Voice of the Silence
< = CWL

PS The passage contains what I call to myself "the great motivator".
Anything I can manage to learn or accomplish will accrue to
1. mankind. 2. myself in this incarnation or a following one. So I try
to learn & do as much as I can. I'm in business for myself ... I'm
saving the planet or at least part thereof.


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