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"I acted on God's orders"

Nov 05, 1995 01:16 AM
by Keith Price

Spiritual Master often hear the voice of "God". Ann picked up on the humourous
side of supposed Masters like Elvis who is worshipped after his death. Others
noted the Madsion Avenue use of "black magic" to motivate people to buy buy

THe man who killed Rabin heard the voice of what he called "God". How much evil
has been justified this way?

I have thought that the Brothers of the Shadow are not very esoteric hidden or
occult. They seem to be very obvious in their movements. I am thinking of drug
cartels gangs bombers hate groups etc.

The Rabin assasination brings up again the religious underpinnings of world
events in a "dark" sense.

In the Reuters account:

"The Jewish mystic opposed to Israel's giving up West Bank land for peace placed
a curse on . . Rabin a month ago appealing to the angels to kill him by last
week . . . The rabbis said the curse generally works wihtin 30 days. That put
the expiration date for the curse in early Nov the magazine said."

Timothy McVey also had documents of a philisophical nature from John Locke
saying tha killing an oppressor is justified.

One can see the hand and powers of the dark forces everywhere.

Although I doubt that the angels where involved still thought-forms are
powerful numinous pervasive igniting volatile etc.

Still one hope that peace will be speeded by this event and that Karma will
adjust the scales. Yes one hopes. Many are now putting out positive
thought-forms or prayers. I hope they work!

Keith Price

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