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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 04, 1995 06:46 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Donna

How is anybody who isn't there going to contribute to my growth or I
to theirs? The only friendly Theosphical contact I had besides Stan
Treloar in Canada & the 02 ladies in the Wheaton library sort of
was Harry & Marie. Harry contributed a lot to my
growth but I doubt that I contributed anything to his except maybe
how to better cure the headache I gave him since he knew a lot
more than I did. Marie & I helped each other at times because Harry was
putting us both through the same strict regimen. He was like a Roshi.

I'm not talking about who controls whom I could care less. I'm
talking about feeling that I was a member of a group I belonged to.
Like when somebody comes to a PTA meeting & pays their dues they
belong to the PTA & are treated as such.


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