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From 26 to 41

Sep 29, 1995 10:41 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Since the issue of youth vs (middle) age has been raised by
Jerry and Rich, I'd like to throw my 2 cents worth in and ask
for comment from others of you who have been Theosophists for a
while. Some free associations:

At 26, I was overwhelmingly impressed with the vast panorama of
knowledge available in HPB's writings. At 41, I'm
overwhelmingly impressed by the vast extent of the unknown.

At 26, I thought if only other Theosophists thought the way I
did, everything would be much, much better. At 41, I think
that if only other Theosophists would give one another the
freedom to think as they choose without condemnation,
everything would be much, much better.

At 26, I saw HPB as the great source from which much of modern
esotericism derives. At 41, I see HPB as the great synthesizer
who collected from many sources.

At 26, I thought the world had an immense amount to learn from
the Theosophists, and was frustrated that the world did not
seem to care. At 41, I think Theosophists have an immense
amount to learn from the world, and am frustrated when
Theosophists do not seem to care.

One could go on and on, but the bottom line is emerging. That
is that there is a figure/ground shift that occurs in middle
age. From seeing the fullness of the seeming void, one shifts
into seeing the voidness of the seeming full.

HPB contains multitudes, and will safely survive all our
interpretations and misinterpretations of her-- retaining her
sphynxlike smile.

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