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Re: More thoughts on abortion

Sep 28, 1995 09:44 AM
by Jerry Schueler

> Eldon: The theosophical groups are one of many
> junior colleges or extension courses for those of us wanting to enroll in
> the Mystery Colleges.
>JRC: Yes. One of many.

Rich reminds me of myself some 20 years ago in his theosophical
zeal. Back then, I wrote to Grace Knoche something to the effect
that I thought theosophy was the sole exponent of truth, and she
chastised me to the effect that theosophy was but one of many
paths. This, coming from the Leader of the Pasadena TS, made
me stop and think. I am sure that Rich will come to see this too
some day.

>> There is rich symbolism in the field of chaos. We can learn much from
>> studying it. By itself, though, it provides no philosophical or metaphysical
>> understandings. It is an area of mathematical symbolism.
> There is in Complexity Theory. And looking at some of the SD
>through its eyes is a very interesting exercise. And in fact in a number
>of different areas it is (IMO) clear that the Masters saw things from the
>Complexity point of view, but lacked the vocabulary currently being
>developed in the sciences. A lot of the cutting edge of modern science is
>*remarkably* occult knowledge.

When Eldon says that Chaos theory is pure mathematics, he is
speaking of it only from the viewpoint of the chaos scientist. In point
of fact, the findings from chaos theory are spilling over into all
disciplines, even those in softer sciences like psychology, biology,
and management. My Ph.D. is on the interdisciplinary study of
Jungian psychology in light of the findings of chaos theory. It is
a fascinating field, and many of the ideas (no, not the math, which
is only one language that chaos theory uses) are deeply related
to theosophy and occultism (the close relationship between chaos
and order - that one comes from the other - is only one example).

Jerry S.

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