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bits & pieces from here & there

Sep 27, 1995 09:08 AM

Thought some of you might be interested in some thoughts I've
come across in my AM studying

Taped talk of Harry VG
If something you did didn't turn out right don't, say "I'm no
good", ask "why didn't it work?"

This on the power of thought (made up of words), from
"Forgiveness" by Robin Casarian, p.125, Bantam '92.
"Rosenthal & Jacobson noted 'If animal subjects, believed to be
brighter by their trainers, actually became brighter because of
their trainer's belief, then it might also be true that school
children believed by their teachers to be brighter would become
brighter because of their teacher's beliefs'.
"A study was designed to test this hypothesis at the Oak
School, ... in San Francisco. Children were randomly selected,
& identified as students who would show dramatic intellectual
growth in the academic year ahead. ... The belief or
expectation of the teacher that these students were brighter
became a self-fulifilling prophecy...."

I've had "Talks on The Path of Occultism" on my shelf for year,
& decided it was time to read it.
The first quote from "The Voice ..." is "These instructions are
for those ignorant of the dangers of the lower Iddhi."
There follows a very clear explanation of clairvoyance,
something we've been talking about, and also for the first time
I understand this business of why to try to become a more
spiritual person first, & then the higher Iddhi will come to
you. Without too much detail (whoever is interested can get the
book from our library),the lower Iddhi are a muddied kind of
clairvoyance, of slower vibes, with all kinds of easily
misunderstood perceptions. When you undertake training (which
includes moral training, & I guess being vegetarian) to be able
to receive finer & faster vibes (something like that), then
you'll be able to avoid the lower iddhi & be able to receive
the clearer higher ones. I don't really want to sit down & copy
off the whole passage, but I will, if some of you want me to.
It clarifies what we've been talking about.

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