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Re: Reincarnation

Sep 26, 1995 03:36 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd


>>Eldon> There is disagreement with how long we spend in the after-death
>> states between lifetimes. What I've heard is, for most, ...
>C.L.Jinarajadasa, in ~First Principles of Theosophy~ (Wheaton,
>please reprint) cites varying intervals, from quite short to
>quite long - varies from monad to monad or some such.
The research work of Ian Stevenson indicates the interval can be quite
short, 20 years and less; even in a few cases almost instantaneous. Many
of these recall a premature death in the previous life, suggesting that
when life energies and desire for accomplishment are cut short, they can
project forward to expression in a new life.

The fact that nearly all his cases of apparent memories of a former
physical life recalled dying within the last 20 years or so, does not of
course mean that longer between-life periods are ruled out. It simply
means that memories seem to be accessible only when the between-life
period is short.

Furthermore, these memories or whatever they are, usually become less and
less accessible as the child grows up and its consciousness more and more
focused into the new personality and circumstances.

Does anybody on the list know of children who seem to remember a previous
life? I'd be very interested to hear.


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