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Re: re the latest consorship

Sep 26, 1995 08:21 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Eldon wrote to Ann Bermingham:

>Brenda saw a posting of Rich's and thought "not more of this
>stuff!" and responded to it, not noticing that the posting was
>from theos-roots. She replied against it. Rich saw Brenda's
>message and replied with something like "this is our place,
<don't come here too and tell us to not discuss the subject". He
>apparently thought that Brenda was trying to dictate what
>appears on theos-roots, when Brenda had thought she had read
>something on theos-l. Both Brenda's initial posting was mistaken
>and Rich's response to it was mistaken as well.

 This is very interesting and also a very understandable
mistake. I could see how one might not note the section that the
posting was made. What I don't understand is that if Brenda
mistakenly thought Rich's post was on theos-l, why did she post
her response on theos-roots?

Jerry HE

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