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Re: Questions about the ES

Sep 26, 1995 08:08 AM

to Paul,
1.) To me, the whole ES set -up raises questions about the
status of non-ES members in the TS. There's always a limit as
to how far they can go in the TS. I was lucky in that I found a
way to more esoteric knowledge without belonging, which is
really what I wanted.
2.) I'm not too thrilled about having a secret organization
within the organization. It serves no purpose that I can see, &
creates animosity. I think I'd like it much better if they'd
make themselves known, explained their functions, & then we all
would go about our business. I do think that anyone who wants
to can apply for membership.
3.) I just take for granted that the politicking is done by ES
4.) No one on the outside knows their by-laws or procedures, so
who knows how the Outer Head is selected.
5.) I think the TS is democratic to a degree.
6.) Who knows what's happening with the Adyar archives, & why
people are being turned away. Some people about whom I know,
who 've asked for access, were hostile, & if I were in charge
of the archives, I wouldn't give them access either. For what?
Smear some more Theosophists?
7.) My feelings about the current International President are
very mixed. They only come from having stood next to her in a
Lunch line at Wheaton once for a few minutes, the vibes I get
from the little bits of her speeches I've had the patience to
listen to, & some hearsay. So that's not a very firm foundation
for an opinion.

If board members are elected democratically, I can see some
sense in making a prerequisite to becoming the TS President
that you be a board member first. In that way, you gain some
experience as to how the TS is run before you take the helm.
 9.) I have no idea how the TS would be changed if the ES would
be abolished. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it should,
because its motives are very postive. Again, I would go so far
as to say it should stop being a secret organization. As far as
I can see, there's nothing gained by that.


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