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Our Friends at STEINER-L.

Sep 26, 1995 03:01 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello all.

You may already know that there is a antroposofical mailing list,
STEINER-L, out there. I have been participating both THEOS-L and
STEINER-L about two years and I have to admit that both are good and
inspiring, but I have had more to discuss with people at STEINER-L. I
think it is because I'm a member of TS and most of those are
antroposophists and these slightly different views seems to generate a lot
to discuss.

As I stated in my earlier posting, I regard both Antroposofy and Theosophy
as working to same goals. I would like that John Mead would Fraternally
and officially announce and invite our Brothers and Sisters at Steiner-l
to Theos-l if they are interested to share and participate their views.

Also I would like to see more co-operation between individuals at
Antroposofy and Theosophy - it need not to be anything very grand or
practical. But as an Idea.

The Idea and a principal agreement that we share same aims; Brotherhood
of Man, Karma, reincarnation, compassion to sentient beings.

This kind of agreement in the mental-level, just this kind of attitude,
would increase greatly the feeling of Fraternity, sympathy and mutual
understanding between Antroposophist and Theosophist, which would generate
many positive things
- is our goal to promote the Fraternity of Man or not?

What is your opinion?

Fraternally, Peace.

aki korhonen

Rovaniemi, Finland.

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