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Re: passage re: who adepts are

Sep 25, 1995 08:57 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>First-- the "obvious" ones won't be so to people who haven't
>read my work. So for starters, let's state that there is one
>major Tibetan among my Master nominees, the Sengchen Tulku who was an
>informant of Sarat Chandra Das and his companion Ugyen Gyatso.
>The latter two are also nominated as Masters, and are Tibetan
>Buddhists, although Das was Bengali. Gyatso (the surname of
>the present Dalai Lama) was Sikkimese by nationality but of
>Tibetan race and religion.
>Since the Sengchen Tulku was the Prime Minister of the Panchen
>Lama, we may assume that the latter (who died 1883) could have
>been informed of his subordinate's Theosophical connections,
>and approved them. Later Panchen and Dalai Lamas have made
>favorable statements about HPB and/or Theosophy.

Wasn't this story written about in the last section of your book IN SEARCH
OF THE MASTERS and isn't it some unfortunate mistake with a small pox
vaccine that kills the Panchen Lama and then the Sengchen Tulku is executed
for allowing foreigners to enter the country and initiate trade? In the
meantime though important literary works did leave the country with the traders.

Do you write the story again in THE MASTERS REVEALED?


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