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Re: Abortion Mills

Sep 25, 1995 05:25 PM
by Tracey Benson

On Wed, 20 Sep 1995 wrote:

> Daniel,
> Did you ever hear it said "Thou shalt not kill"?
> Liesel
Wow!! This whole discussion is spinning my head in circles,and has the
possibility of doing so endlessly. When I was 21, I fell pregnant to a
boy who I was engaged to, any for many reasons, that I won't go into, we
decided to terminate the pregnany. I was in depression for some time
after this, as I was similtainously bound to my Anglican beliefs and the
the fear of shaming my family as they were strict.

About two years after that I read a book about Edgar Cayce, a door
opened. Part of that process was the realization that you can't change
things, and if I had to go through it again I wouldn't change them.

Women have regulated their reproductive biology for millenia, in
Koori (Aboriginal) culture:strictly WOMEN'S BUSINESS. Every month is a
death, a loss, a potential misscarriage.

The discussion going around re natural/unnatural is also starting to
grate. Is it "natural" that we all sit in front of a device exuding low
doses of radiation, powered by a substance that is rapidly depleting the
ozone layer? The abortion issue is one of control: who does control
women's bodies. I don't anyone can argue who should!

To change the subject, I would like to talk about Blavatskys writing on
Speech and the Mind**TSD**Stanza iv (4). Is anyone interested in helping
me with this reading


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