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Re: More thoughts on abortion

Sep 25, 1995 02:39 PM
by Richtay

Liesel wrote,

> Dear Rich,
> I believe that HPB would be the first one to say that she
> wasn't infallible.
> Liesel
No offense (really!) but isn't it remarkable that we mention that HPB wasn't
"infallible" when she disagrees with what we think, but when she agrees with
us we like to quote her as an "authority."

It seems to me that whether HPB was infallible or not (it seems clear she
was) the point is that it was her job to teach the occult philosophy of the
Masters. She did, and what she said on abortion I assume to be what the
great Lodge teaches. We are free to make of it what we will, but bringing up
how "human" HPB was doesn't reduce her articulation of Theosophy and its


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