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Re: More thoughts on abortion

Sep 24, 1995 09:11 PM
by John R Crocker

On Mon, 25 Sep 1995 wrote:

> JRC wrote:
> > Does this mean we should go around making women who have had or will
> > have abortions feel miserable? No, this would be cruel.
> Right ... and it is only your opinion that abortion is wrong
> Um, yes, it is only my opinion. I also thought HPB's opinion was remarkably
> clear and categorical as well. Did you miss that part? Of course, we can
> just say that she and I share the same wrong opinion ...
> Rich

I presume the similarity with HPB's opinion is meant to give your
opinion clout? As I mentioned in a couple of posts (including the one you
respond to) HPB wrote when population was but a quarter of what it is
now, when the environmental effects of population on the animal and plant
kingdoms was scientifically unknown, when (as someone else pointed out)
the mother often lost her life in the procedure - in short, in a very,
very different time. HPB's argument was that it was "against" nature -
but when animal and plant populations begin to exceed carrying capacity,
it becomes their "nature" to begin limiting themselves - fo their own
self-preservation. Did you miss that part?


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