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Re: numerology

Sep 24, 1995 04:29 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>> Eldon

>>We have to be careful of numerology. An important distinction
>>that we don't always make is between numeric attributes of
>>things and artificial constructs. Calling this year "1995" is
>>an artificial construct, for instance, since we could just as
>>well call it any other number. It has not been 1995 years since
>>the start of the earth, nor since the start of time, just 1995
>>years since the particular year that we wanted to call zero.

>>Real numbers or attributes are like natural numbers, where we
>>clearly see there are three oranges on the table before us,
>>or the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle.
>>With numerology of names, if there is some actual, consistent
>>relationship between the written letters and the sounds spoken
>>in sounding the name, numbers might be applied to the name.
>>On the other hand, if there are many ways of spelling a particular
>>name, a name that sounds the same on the lips regardless of
>>spelling, the written name is an artificial construct and the
>>numbers do not particularly indicate something.

> Brenda

>Oh, Eldon, but they do. We only have to have agreement and common usage of
>such "artificial construct" for it to bring images to our mind. Our house
>number will not change just because someone counted houses from the end of
>the block. Our true number is the number upon it and the number everyone
>uses when they address us. This is where our associations dwell.

You seem to be talking about something different. The distinction that
I'm making is similar to that made between "sign" and "symbol" by the
Jungians. In one case, we have an arbitrary naming or numbering scheme,
in the other case, we have something based upon an actual attribute.

When we name a new planet, and pick a term from mythology, the true meaning
of that planet, astrologically, is not *caused by that choice of name*.
There is not some magic name-picking process that makes us pick a name that
matches, in all its meanings, the astrological influence of that planet.

If I would be holding a rock, and I say that it weights X grams, or Y
ounces, or Z of someother unit of measure, the true numerology of that
rock does not change based upon my choice of arbitrary scale.

If the houses on a block are arbitrarily renumbered, according to some
new local ordinance, the numerology of the houses does not change.

When we are dealing with numerology, we're looking for attributes of
objects or living beings. From these attributes, we can infer additional
information. But I would only expect the numerology to work if we obtain
*real attributes*. Otherwise, we are just "tossing the dice" and doing
a psychic reading.

-- Eldon

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