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Jehovah's Witnesses

Sep 24, 1995 03:38 PM
by Richtay

Brenda writes:

> I especially love all of the little books that are associated with the
> Jehovah Witnesses. These are really easy reading and are delightfully
> illustrated. They are wonderful aids in teaching children religion, etc.
Yes, they are delightful, aren't they? So crisp and sharp and pretty, and so
full of false teachings about the world's religions. I just looked over one
last week claiming to "impartially examine" the religions of the world. Not
surprisingly, we find words like "ignorant" for the Hindus, "heretics" for
Muslims, etc.

The LAST person I wold give a Jehovah's Witness book to is a child, and I am
friends with a psychotherapist who leads a Jehovah's Witness SUPPORT GROUP
for those who leave the fold. Apparently when you leave the "one and only
true church" you are shunned. Since when you are a Jehovah's Witness,
outside friends and social activities are frowned upon, when you are shunned
you have NO social network to fall back upon. Your family and friends desert
you, and it is a devastating experience, designed to bring you back to the
church by sheer psychological isolation. My friend the therapist grew up
Jehovah's Witness, left the church at 17, and was disowned by her whole
family, including her mother.

It is a vicious group disguised by sweetness and light, and I truly feel sad
for those trapped within. I saw an interview with one devout fellow who had
been going door-to-door for 25 years. "How many converts have you gained?"
 The interviewer said. "Well, somebody came once for a few weeks." "That's
it?" asked the shocked interviewer. "Yes," was the reply. You have to
admire the dedication, even while feeling sad for the cultish quality of the


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