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Re: interference with nature

Sep 23, 1995 09:18 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Rich quotes HPB:
> The crime committed lies precisely in the willful and sinful destruction
>>of life, and interference with the operations of nature, hence--with
>> But foeticide is a
>>crime against nature.
>May I ask a common sense question here? Do we interfere with the operations
>of nature? Under what circumstances? When is it correct to do so?

Here's one additional comment regarding whether nature cooperates with the
process of abortion. Many, many miscarriages take place at all stages of
fetal development. There are souls subjected to this process "naturally."
How much more difficult would it be to include "assisted" miscarriages in
the karmic lot? Maybe nature could slow down on her "natural" abortions and
just incorporate the number of "assisted" ones. For instance, one neighbor
had seven miscarriages before her child was born. One neighbor had five. If
you ask around, there are lots and lots. You guys just don't always know
about these.


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