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Re: Concerning Daniel H. and censorship

Sep 23, 1995 03:03 PM
by Richtay

Leisel wrote,

> Dear Rich,
> How do you know that Christianity is about to fade quickly. Did
> you get a letter? (that's a German saying), meaning "what makes
> you so sure?"
> Liesel

Well, I am not playing the Prophet here, but when you look at Christianity in
this country, it's pretty pathetic. The Catholics don't know which crisis is
worse: the swarms of priests getting convicted for molesting little boys, the
clamor the women are making to get let in to the priesthood, or the celibacy
issue. Even the archbishops are openly contradicting the Pope no some

Then there is mainline Protestantism, which Daniel H. has been so kind to
point out is dramatically losing membership. This has been going on for 25
years now, and shows no sign of abating. They have little to offer a public
in search of WISDOM, not dead-letter.

Finally, the growth of fundamentalism. The bacteria always move in on a
corpse. And that's what we're looking at -- the big dead body of the Church.
 Jesus of course will survive unscathed, but the Church is literally

Finally, HPB, speaking as the Messenger of her Teachers, made it clear that
Christianity is on its way out.

Just an opinion.


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