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Sep 23, 1995 08:52 AM
by Thom Nelson

This might be cause some controversy, but I'm going to post it anyway. =
It is a speech by Jan Nation from the London Arcane School Conference =
held June 10-11, 1995. For those of you who might be inclined to skip =
this, look at the last paragraph -- that's the zinger.

"It's easy to be dogmatic about this orthat aspect of esoteric =
teahcings. Our reflection on the keynote [Let the group intuit the Plan =
as it exists in the heart of love, for only love reveals the plan.] =
should warn us against this. Only in the moments of true intuitive =
insight do we know for certain, do we see without distortion. =
Everything else, even if it is our best and highly skilled effort to =
express the inner truth, will be relatively flawed because of the =
vehicles of human thought and languages are so limiting.

"The Tibetan [Alice Bailey] emphasises the need for us to be resolute in =
our spiritual commitment and yet so flexible in its expression. =
Disciples adapt and modify insights on the Plan to make them more =
relevant and useful in the worlds of human experience. This calls us to =
practise the art of spiritual compromise. What does that mean? In its =
highest expression it is the art of relating a perfect and divine =
perception, an intuitive perception of truth, to the real needs of the =
world in such a way the this intuition can be useful to people of =
goodwill who face the practical tasks of meeting those needs.

"This art relates to the more mystical or idealistic perceptions in the =
everyday world. To give a simple example: I attended a seminar Marilyn =
Ferguson held in London years age. (As you probably know, she wrote the =
book _The Aquarian Conspiracy_). She asked the audience to visualise =
peace and then called on some to say what image had come to them. Many =
saw light. Now that is no surprise -- it's the symbolic language often =
used by our higher Self. However, the esoteric server who is inspired =
by the light of peace would then penetrate the light, intuit the =
significance in order to deepen human understanding of peace. For =
instance, we might recognise that same light in the effort of leading =
world servers who are active in the peace process and support them =
subjectively; or see initiatives that are precipitations of that light =
-- for example, conflict resolution initiatives, and send light to them; =
or realise beyond doubt how the light of peace depends upon goodwill, =
and be so inspired with direct spiritual energy to those who foster =
goodwill in any particular crisis area. The inner impression of light =
is adapted and modified to make it more useful.

"I'd like to quote what the Tibetan says about how important it is for =
us to be open to new and higher truths, to be receptive to the inner =
reality that lives in our souls and unfolds as we allow it. The Tibetan =
urges a 'spiritual fluidity, a willingness to let all pre-conceived =
ideas and ideals go, as well as all beloved tendencies, cultivated =
habits of though and every determined effort to make the world conform =
to pattern which seems to the individual the best because to him, the =
most enticing -- these must all be brought under the power of death. =
They can be relinquished with safety and security and no fear of =
results, if the motive of the life is a real and lasting love of =

"Love of the Plan, love of humanity, love of the group of all true =
servers -- these are the constants. They inspire actions by all human =
beings which can carry the highest intuitions down to the physical =
plane. But in order to serve with true esoteric insight we, the =
esoteric builders, have to be willing to let our prejudices, our =
criticisms and our personal dreams die, so that the voice and the vision =
of the Ashram can take their place. Light and love must be made =
manifest in form in the world. We need to consciously and =
wholeheartedly co-operate in the process of inner transformation if we =
are going to become conscious agents of the Ashram in the work of =
planetary redemption.

"Courage and daring are needed to 'let go' in the way DK [Alice Bailey] =
urges. Let's take one example, the challenge to be more inclusive. =
Inclusiveness isn't an easy value to live by. It means we accept how =
our thoughts and feelings influence others. It means we have to always =
include more than is comfortable in our circle of love, and in our =
definition of group. To practise inclusiveness, with wisdom, calls for =
a wise heart and a trained discrimination. Always we need to accept the =
oneness of life and of the human family -- that is the primary =
experience of inclusiveness for the esoteric server. Yet to demonstrate =
and serve that oneness, we need to identify our place and purpose within =
the whole, and focus our efforts in a particular contribution. =
Discrimination will define appropriate boundaries that usefully help to =
concentrate energies for a time but we always need to be ready to move =
(or remove) those boundaries when they no longer help, but hinder, =
unity. We are always challenged to be more inclusive, be daring in how =
we expose ourselves to the good, be open to new ways to strengthen unity =
and express the community of shared effort with others who may be =
serving in our own field or in very different ways. =20

The Tibetan gives us so many practical examples to show how important it =
is that we become ever more inclusive. For instance, in _The =
Externalisation of the Hierarchy_, He talks about the way in which all =
of the different groups which have their roots in the trans-Himalayan =
Lodge need to recognise 'their real unity in goal, guidance and =
technique' and must increasingly co-operate and recognise themselves as =
members of 'the one school ... linked together in a basic subjective =
unity'. DK offers the vision that some day this recognition and =
understanding will bring them to the point where 'they will endeavour to =
supplement each other's efforts, exchange ideas with each other, and so =
in truth and in deed constitute one great college of esotericism in the =
world". And He indicates how the separatism that prevails amongst the =
different esoteric groups inspired by the trans-Himalayan Lodge is =

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