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Sep 23, 1995 04:09 AM
by Richtay

Liesel wrote,

> I only know what distiguishes the
> ULT. They confine their studies to the works of HPB. That's
> really narrow. But even HPB by herself presents a tremendously
> wide panorama.

No, the ULT was formed for the study and promulgation of the teachings of HPB
and William Q. Judge. ULT associates tend to be relatively well-informed
about the history of the T.S., even if the feeling is generally that the
history has not been a bed of roses.

Many ULT students are well-read in Besant, Leadbeater, T. Subba Rao, G. de
Purucker, Katharine Tingley, etc. We also have writers from our own
tradition, including Robert Crosbie, B.P. Wadia, Raghavan Iyer, etc. We do
not somehow "censor" other things from being studied. In fact we publish a
monthly magazine explicitly to study and compare HPB and WQJ's teaching with
trends in the modern world, in philosophy, science, arts, religion, etc. And
our own associates -- anonymously -- write for the magazine their own ideas
on the philosophy of Theosophy and its practical application. One of the
primary goals of ULT is to REDUCE emphasis on personality and to study and
stick to the PRINCIPLES taught by our teachers.

The United Lodge of Theosophists exists for the study and preservation of the
"original, pure teachings," even if associates study whatever they want to on
their own.

We are not confined to just HPB.


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