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Re: go away???

Sep 21, 1995 09:18 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

>I think everything this man says is theosophy. He was moved by some form of
>theosophy just as we were. He just needs a little more encouragement to
>embrace the whole. You were speaking so positively about your ability to use
>the delete key. What happened? You were just kidding, I guess.


There is sense in which I admire your patience with Daniel but I am
sincerely wondering what gives you the incentive to defend his approach so
vigorously? I am assuming you may be seeing something I can't see in his
posting. I find it hard to justify encouraging his continued posting
because of his attitude of extremely exclusivity, proselyzation, and even
violence at times.

If everything that Daniel says is theosophy then anything anyone says is. I
understand that you are saying that he, like all of us, is on a journey and
will eventually be united with Reality. This is to look beyond the
personality into the future Daniel who will be wise and kind and tolerant
but for now there is a historical Daniel who must, like all of us, struggle
with the idiosyncratic nature of our personality. Hopefully by setting some
limits to the inflation of his ego will further that potential. The idea of
limits is not repressive since all on the list have subscribed to some form
of netiquette and occassionally have to be reminded of that.

Like I have stated before I enjoy the subject matter that Daniel brings to
us but the brutality and narrowness of his ideology doesn't lead to
enlightened dialogue but to argumentation, irritation and frustration.

Lastly, I don't see the same latitude given to Rich as you give to Daniel.
Is that because Rich is further along in the theosophical journey? I agree
with you that Rich is wrong to say that nothing of Daniel's perspective
contains seeds of theosophy in them but I identify with Rich's inability to
relax when he reads Dan's posts. Daniel believes in a prince of peace -
would that he could further the goal of peace through respecting others and
their spiritual paths. I know how hard it will be for him because I held
views very much like Daniel many years ago.

Anyway Brenda, I would like to hear what your views are on this, I am
asking not to continue a flame but if there is a better way to approach
Daniel and others like him I would like to learn it.

Under the Mercy,

Arthur Paul Patterson

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