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Sep 21, 1995 07:17 AM
by John R Crocker

I'm not sure whether this post will make it to everyone, but
here seems to be a problem with the listserver at

I was getting a few posts from theos-l for the last couple of
days, but not all of them (as I wasn't even getting some of my own back)
- and I just talked to Liesel, and she has gotten a few that I didn't
get, and has not gotten some that I did get ... so I presume its theos-l
and not my University's mainframe. I'm gonna cc: this to John Mead
tell him ... but maybe until it gets cleared up, we should hold
off a bit ..... there are a couple of threads I'm quite interested in and
that I think I'm missing people's posts on, and I fear many of us many be
only receiving parts of conversations (I wonder if there is a cosmic
principle operating that is determining who is getting what ... (-:) -
interesting that we all may be seeing different fragments of the
conversations ...).


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