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re: Love that CWL

Sep 21, 1995 00:15 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Brenda Wrote:

>I always have such an "odd" response to the constant reiteration
>of "facts" (for what purpose I don't think I'll ever
>understand). My response to date has been this: "I really love
>that CWL." This makes no sense. It's not what people are looking
>for as a response, I don't think, but he had a style and an
>ability and I'm so AMAZED, like the Mars passages that AB put
>up. I loved it!! And I remember this is how I fell in love with
>theosophy and knew it was right for me. It is SOOO attractive.
>Wow! That this could actually be us one day....

 Brenda, this is what I always loved about you. I have never
met a person who operates through the feeling function as
perfectly and as consistently as you do. Since my functions are
opposite to yours (i.e. thinking-intuition), I often find much of
what you write difficult to follow, but I want you to know that I
always deeply appreciate it, and you for doing what you do so


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