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666: A Kabalistic Interpretation

Sep 20, 1995 08:05 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Dear Jerry,

YeeeHaaaaaa! OK?

As a matter of interest, in OT and NT times, gematria* does not
seem to have been used in any real sense.

*Playing with numbers where letters are used for numbers, and
producing often silly results.

Concerning the Book of Revelation, it's author, according to the
best scholarly opinion, is not the John of the Gospels, but
another John, as his Greek is lousy in comparison. The gospel
John wrote good Greek, whereas this guy wrote awful Greek, and
was probably a native Hebrew or Aramaic speaker (Like Jesus).

If he is using Gematria in the famous passage, it would be most
likely an Aramaic or Hebrew "Name" except that one cannot
produce one from that period by this method. For example, a
Bible search for "six hundred" in the OT text reveals 64 (yep)
texts where the words used are "six" and "hundred" just like we
do it! The use of letters as numbers seems not to have come
into general use until later times.

In (say) third or fourth century Aramaic, six hundred would be
represented (in India, at least, where my sources are for this)
by adding four hundred to two hundred. The result of 666 by
this method produces Tau Resh Samek Vau (Teresa?) :-). It has
no meaning that I can figure, even with Payne-Smith's Syriac
Lexicon plus the usual Henrew study aids. Maybe there is in
fact a version of the Greek Gematria which would yield
something. Cf. the late Fred'k Bligh Bond on this - I forget
the book title.

I see the men in white coats approaching .....



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