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Re: Globes To Jerry S., Rich and Eldon and others

Sep 20, 1995 05:21 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Daniel Caldwell:

>Thanks Jerry S for your answer to my question on the globes, kamaloka and
>devachan. Also thansks to Richa dnd Eldon for your responses.

>I will try to post a few thoughts on this in the next week. I want to
>reread all of the relevant theos-l postings and do a little study before I
>type something up.

I have a number of quotes that I will post from "The Mahatma Letters" as
time permits. The model of the Globes and the relationship of the seven
principles to them that I read there matches what I've also read by Purucker.

What I've read basically says:

After our physical death, on Globe D, a sphere of causes, our 6 lower
principles return to their elements and we rest in a sphere of effects.
When that rest period is over (e.g. the end of devachan), a current sweeps
us on to an existence on the next sphere of causes (e.g. Globe E) or back
again to our sphere of causes (Globe D). Devachan is a state, and not a
place, and is experienced in the sphere of effects between Globes D and E.
Manas is left like a crushed rose at our second death, as we drop our
principles, as they return to their elements in the sphere of effects.

My understanding is that if we do find rebirth on Globe E, although this
is not generally the case, that we would clothe ourselves in a set of
seven principles or Skandhas appropriate to that Globe, and we would be
functioning in the particular self or ego that we have evolved within our
nature that is appropriate for existence on that world.

-- Eldon

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