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Re: abortion

Sep 20, 1995 10:46 AM

Hi, Stephan,

You sound like an interesting person.... doing your PhD in an
investigation about how spirit formed matter. Maybe you can
tell us a little about it by & by, or does it need to be
copyrighted first? I majored in French, but, since I'm a
Theosophist, I try as best I can to keep up with the sciences
somewhat. Just lately read a book for amateurs about chaos
theory. We have a couple of scientists on this list, who can
talk to you about these things lots better than I can. They'll
write you, I'm sure.

I haven't the faintest idea what book of HPB's you read. No
matter. You're an anthroposophist. We don't have anyone who
follows Steiner on this list yet, so you can be the Vertreter
for that point of view. We have just about all other factions
of Theosophists represented, & we agree at times, & at times we
disagree. We're getting to feel like a community though. I
myself belong to Wheaton, which is Adyar. I don't think there's
too much contact between the Steiner people in the US and other
Theosophists. The only beautiful little settlement I know of
was downstate New York, on the border with New Jersey. I used
to live near it in New Jersey, & my Theosophical study group
made an Ausflug there once. They have a nice drug store. I was
also at the time looking for a place to retire to, & took a
tour of their buildings. They grew some of their own
vegetables, had a Doctor who knew homeopathy and allopathy, had
a school for the kids. It was quite a place. But then I decided
to move to upstate New York to be near my son, so I never lived

Of course, having been born in Frankfurt /Main, I know
something about Goethe. I learned a lot about him in my 4 years
of Volksschule. My teacher loved him. We learned some of his
poems & went for an outing to the Goethehaus. Of course, we
didn't learn about all the things Goethe studied in
relationship to plants & apothecary, but I know that he did
this from his biography. I read some of his books for my German
courses at the university.

Stephan, I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.

Om Shanti


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