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Re: Question 003 important

Sep 20, 1995 00:06 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Mikhail Moiseikin:
> Be carefull to the new editions from Russia:
> For example yesterday I was shocked: I bought roman-essay of ukrainian
> author Ury Kanygin The "Arien's way" Kiev "Ukraine" 1975
> (subtitle: Ukraina in spiritual history humanity) .
> There much more facts about theosophy that usual writer use for simple
> fiction literature.

> I can't check all this position but consider it as
> special falsification.
Indeed so, special in that it appears to go beyond any weirdo
conspiracy view of HPB ever published in English.
> I don't know aim of this falsification.
To discredit all occult groups by associating them with the
worst elements of 20th century history?
> Earlier I also contacted with one Christian women through
> alt.religion.newage. She also wrote me about connection
> theosophy and fascism. She advised me to read book/videotape
> "Occult and III reich". I could reach it.
> Could somebody explaine me nature of such speculations.
There is indeed a Theosophical influence on fascism, but rather
remote. In the early 20th century, an offshoot of Theosophy
called Ariosophy was promoted by a German writer, who combined
Blavatsky's teachings about racial evolution with his own
racist ideology. Ariosophy later influenced some who became
leaders in the Third Reich. That, to my knowledge, is the slim
basis on which HPB has been attacked as somehow being the
inspirer of Nazism. That's sort of like blaming Jesus for what
happened in Waco. Any crackpot can take any religious
teachings and turn them into something evil and horrible; that
does not justify blaming the original teachings.

Dan Caldwell has the video you mention and perhaps will comment
on it.


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