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Re: abortion

Sep 19, 1995 04:59 AM

Fred wrote in part:

<<Assuming that reincarnation is the rule, and assuming that we all have duties
to fulfill, and assuming that the pain and suffering of our lives reflect our
personal karma, how does a theosophist view the issue of abortion.>>

Well, Firstly: --- I'm new here. Greetings to all!!
[Sorry for my bad german-made English!]
Does one introduce here oneself by means of several lines?

As far as the question concerns, the answer depends a little bit on the
knowledge of karma and reinkarnation. If it does make sense to someone, the
idea of karma and reincarnation, then it could also explain many things.

Thinking about abortion would cause the idea, that the individualities which
would incarnate here on earth are searching the best way to fullfill their
duties decided in the spiritual world. If she/he fails due to abortion he will
seek another possibility. Now since the abortion industry in Africa for instance
is not as advanced as here in the industrialized hemisphere it would be a
consequence to come there and to decide may be to study in europe or USA etc.
later ... or what about adoption? Or another fact: Since in China only boys
are allowed to come, the girls will come elsewhere. Here in Switzerland for
example more girls are coming than boys! Interesting eh?

So, an individuality will come, if we want it or not. But the question is:
Has the soul finally met the right situation? Why do we have a dramatical
increase of Autism (Ausismus <tr?>). Is it because many souls are not incarnated
in the right family and everything seems then a little bit strange? Stephan Clerc, Dornach

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