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Re: Psychic and Noetic

Sep 17, 1995 10:19 PM
by Bee Brown

> I like you non-technical "Ground Crew". I see in your description
>and idea I came across in my early readings of theosopy about skandas
>(sp?). These were the accumulated tendicies of the personality which
>were picked up by the reincarnating individuality.
> Have read of the akashic records, and your theory seems plausible
>to me as I understand it (very limited).:)
Thank you for your interest. You may be interested in a really interesting
site I have found on the Internet. These are transcripts from Dzoghen
meetings of Tibetan Buddhism by Lama Surya Das in Cambridge, MA. There are
quite a few great things there. he has a way of bringing the teachings into
the modern setting. Well worth a visit.
There is one devoted to the skandas>that is good.

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