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Re: K.H. on women

Sep 17, 1995 07:12 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> [Quoting Lewis]: Thanks for bringing up a topic I have been
thinking about. The current world conference on women's rights
in China has had me wondering if this is one of those events
said to take place at the end of each century inspired by the
Masters and designed to push forward the evolution of humanity.

> Regardless of ones views on them, it does seem the views
expressed in this letter would have a profound impact on the next
century if they could be realized.

> This may also be part of the promised new mission for the society.

> >
> Please pardon my ignorance, but could you please elaborate on your
> source, as I don't understand the abbreviations of where this quote came
> from. It is a fantastic statement and I would like to include part of it
> in an essay I am currently in the process of writing. Thankyou for
> sharing it.
> Tracey

Dear Tracey,

K.H. is the Mahatma Koot Humi whose writings appear in ~The
Mahatma Letters to A.P.Sinnett~ - source material from the late
19th century - Olcott Library can advise I am sure, and likely
Wheaton will have a copy via Quest Books. E.O. (Eminent
Occultist) is said in the work I quoted to be one and the same
Mahatma - i.e., K.H.

[sic] is used to indicate a direct quote from the original
author when, as sometimes happens, an unusual word or form of it
is used, as in "appanage" in the piece I posted.

The complete text is to be found in ~The Story of the Mahatma
Letters~ written by C. Jinarajada, President of the Adyar
Theosophical Society in 1946, and is a 26 page booklet published
by the Theosophical Publishing House in Adyar, Madras, India.
Its original price was 12 annas. Reference is made to letters
sent to Mr. H.S.Olcott prior to those received by Sinnet. How
you would get hold of a copy of this I do not know, but it is
possible I could photocopy mine and send it by snail mail -
depends how far away you are and how much it will cost. I am,
alas, of very limited means (sobs bitterly) and cannot afford
high postage costs and such. I would try Olcott Library first
if you are a member of the TS in America.

Best wishes,


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