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Several Comments by Daniel Caldwell

Sep 17, 1995 06:42 AM

(1) Concerning the pamphlet "The Story of the Mahatmas Letters" by
Jinarajadasamentioned by Alan Bain, I believe this pamphlet is still
in print. Those in America or Canada who would like copies should
probably call Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, Illinois. They
have a toll free number at 1-800-669-9425. If it is out of print,
maybe Jerry HE has copies for sale?

(2) Those interested in obtaining a copy of PARAdoxes of the Highest SCience
in which K.H.'s remarks on the role of women occurs can obtain a copy of the
1931 (?) TPH Adyar Edition from Health Research in California. I don't have
their address in front of me. Jerry HE can you help out? Also call your
local library and ask them to look up the publishers address (Health Research)
in Books In Print.

(3) Conerning Paul Johnson's comments about the myth of the Adept Brotherhood
and university, I agree with what Eldon and Rich have said.

Why is it so difficult to believe that these Adepts would have an association
worldwide, with physical locations for their activities; ashrams, etc? Buddhist
monks have their monasteries, etc. etc. Why could not the adepts
also communicate with one another by letter, phone, telepathy, out
of the body communications, etc. etc.?

It seems to me that Paul is overly concerned with what a group of religious
scholars and professors may "in their great wisdom" deem to be only myth.
These same scholars may consider Atlantis and Lemuria, paranormal powers,
other planes of existence, reincarnation, etc. etc. to be "just myths", too.
Maybe these religious scholars have their own areas of ignorance and do not
know everything?

As early as 1882, Henry Olcott wrote: "I know the Brothers to be living men
and not spirits, and they have told me that there are schools, under
appointed adepts, where their Occult science is regularly taught."

Why is this so difficult to believe if you also acknowledge the existence
of such living men?

I realize that after HPB's death, later theosophical and occult writers have
written almost "mythical" accounts of the Great White Brotherhood and the
Inner Government, but what I read in HPB's writings and in the Mahatma Letters
,etc. is much more realistic (at least to me).

The opinions of religious scholars with PhDs do not impress me if they show
little familiarity with Theosophical history and teachings and show little
if any knowledge of primary source documents of Theosophy. If they show
some knowledge and understanding of Theosophy and Theosophical
history, great but even then just because they have PhDs, does that
mean that these scholars' opinions are more reliable ,etc than
the opinions of students of Theosophy?

Daniel Caldwell

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